3x3 World Cup 2023: Pioneer in equality

Full house at the 3x3 World Cup 2023. photo: GEPA / Edgar Eisner
Full house at the 3x3 World Cup 2023. photo: GEPA / Edgar Eisner

As the main sponsor of the Basketball 3×3 World Championship 2023 in Vienna, win2day has sent a strong signal for equal opportunities: The sponsorship actively tackled the invisibility of para-sports.

The Equal Play initiative founded by win2day not only draws attention to the imbalance between men's and women's sports, as well as para-sports, but also contributes to the professionalization of sports teams. The financial support creates better training opportunities, which automatically increases visibility at major events. In 2024, win2day will once again be the main sponsor of the basketball spectacle on Vienna's Kaiserwiese, where all athletes will be offered an equal stage.


3×3 as a pioneer in equality 

In hardly any other sport is the coverage and game distribution as balanced as in the 3×3 World Cup. Although classic women's basketball (5 vs. 5) is still massively underrepresented, the 3×3 basketball tournament manages to create a balanced picture balanced picture. The event's schedule is structured in such a way that the women's and men's teams each alternate play two games each, making it a classically gender-segregated event.


Visibility for disabled sports

In addition to the goal of making women's sport more visible, win2day also campaigns for visibility in disabled sport. On the initiative of win2day, wheelchair basketball was given a stage for the first time at the 2023 was given a stage for the first time. The wheelchair exhibition, which was held for the first time as part of the finals, was so well received that a wheelchair tournament was organized for the first time as part of the 3×3 European Championship 2024 from 22 to 25 August at the Kaiserwiese in Vienna. a separate wheelchair tournament for the first time for the first time - on a par with the women's and men's tournaments. The 3×3 European Championship 2024 will be the most inclusive sporting event ever.

About win2day

win2day has been THE supporter of Austrian sport since 2022. As an Austrian sports betting provider, the online gaming site of Austrian Lotteries serves sponsorships in 6 sports - ice hockey, basketball, beach volleyball, tennis, American football and table tennis. The Equal Play concept is supported at win2day through sponsoring with equal appreciation for women and men, with and without disabilities.